Some testimonials for Lucy Yeomans Therapy and Training

“I loved Lucy’s way of teaching. Very encouraging, supportive and down to earth. Thank you.”


“Great amount of hands on practical training. Really well taught – positive and supportive.”


“The course Manual was very comprehensive and well written. Lucy gave me a lot of confidence to put what I learned into practice.”


“I almost gave up cycling after many years of poor posture. Lucy straightened my neck, spine and pelvis, leading me to regain the sense of freedom normally associated with a pain free lifestyle. Many thanks!”


"Lucy has a deeply insightful and clear way of getting to the source of what is in the way of well being on any level. I find her approach warm and kind. She creates a space that feels grounded and safe which helps me relax and soften around whatever may be blocking the flow of health and wholeness. Personally I have found the results of my sessions with her tangible, thorough and swift."


“I visited Lucy after a spell of intense migraines. She was able to establish the cause and realign my skull bones and vertebrae. I felt a release of tension within minutes and have not experienced any migraines since.”


“I found Lucy really friendly and helpful. I used to have a knee injury which I thought I was stuck with. It got better quite quickly with each session and now it isn't a problem!”



Some testimonials from Lucy's equine therapy clients.

“After trying various other therapies for my horse's lameness I was so relieved to meet Lucy. I had thought the problem was in the stifle, but Lucy saw straight away that it was a dropped and rotated pelvis.”


“My horse came to me after being in many different homes, and I always knew that some previous life experiences had not been good. Lucy released a lot of the negative energy that he was holding, and by aligning his head, his cheek bones were on a different level, has changed the way he goes. Lucy has also changed his outlook, he is now more trusting, and more willing, a pleasure to be with.”


“Thank you to Lucy for setting my mind at ease that my older horse is doing alright. He did need some work aligning his vertebrae, which I was expecting after having saddle issues. I now understand some of his behaviour better, knowing that his sight is weaker on one side explains some of his spookiness.”


Lucy Yeomans Equine Therapy Monmouth
Lucy Yeomans Equine Therapy  based in Monmouthshire
Lucy Yeomans  Therapy and training  based in Monmouthshire

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