Lucy Yeomans works in conjunction with veterinary approval, providing a range of therapies to help realign the body, alleviate pain, release tension, increase movement and improve performance.


Pain and discomfort may be the underlying cause of many problems experienced by owners such as:-


  • Resistance
    Reluctance to Jump
    Stiffness on one rein
    Difficulty bending or working in an outline
    Bucking or rearing
    Behavioural changes
    Unable to halt square


Early treatment can prevent the problem from escalating.





A range of techniques are used during a session depending on the individual horses’ needs including:


  • Spinal Realignment
  • Soft Tissue Release
  • Myofascial Release
  • Acupressure
  • Reiki
  • Animal Communication







Equine Spinal and Cranial Realignment


Rather than use any forceful manipulation, Quantum Touch enables the bones to glide back into alignment and realign themselves. When the structural body is fully aligned it enables bone, muscle, connective tissue and fascia to work in harmony allowing freedom of movement and releasing tightness and discomfort.


Equine Soft Tissue Therapy


Soft tissue manipulation and myofascial release techniques help to release fascia, muscle spasms and tension improving range of movement and relieving stiffness.


Equine Emotional Stress Release Therapy


Physical symptoms are often linked to emotional issues. Reiki and Quantum Touch help horses release emotions and stress from traumatic events and memories, which often improve behaviour and performance. Performance horses can also find competing stressful, especially if they are under pressure from their rider to perform at their best. This can often be the cause of inexplicable below par performances.


Equine Acupressure


Lucy is one of the very few Equine Acupressure Practitioners in the UK. Acupressure is the palpation of points used by acupuncturists, but without needles. Acupressure allows the relief of muscular spasms, strengthens bones and tendons, boosts the immune system, improves the condition of the coat, aids digestion and fertility.


Equine Communication


Equine Communication helps to resolve physical and emotional issues and makes a huge difference to your horse’s well-being and behaviour. Communication can be used to find out what your horse needs in order to improve their quality of life and to resolve any previously unexplained problems.



General Information




A combination of techniques are used depending on each individual animal and their needs.


Most horses show a significant improvement in flexibility and freedom of movement after the first treatment. A few days rest or light work is recommended after a treatment.


A follow up treatment usually takes place a week later and this is often sufficient to complete spinal and pelvic alignment.


Specific recommendations are given according to the individual animal’s needs.


DURATION: A full equine session takes approximately 1 hour

PRICES: £50 for one horse or £45 for 2 or more horses/rider at the same venue

Travel is free within a 15 mile radius.

YARD VISITS: Yard visits are available on Wednesdays and Fridays


DISTANCE HEALING Lucy also offers remote healing sessions for horses, which enables Lucy to work with horses all over the world. Distance healing sessions are just as effective as sessions in person.


Please telephone or email Lucy to book an appointment

Tel: 07940546029

Email: lucyyeomans@yahoo.co.uk



Consent from your vet


Please remember that prior consent of your vet is required for treatment on any animal. Under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 it is illegal for anyone to treat an animal without veterinary consent. You will be asked to sign a consultation form to confirm that you have been granted permission from your vet for your horse to receive therapy. Therapy is not a replacement for proper veterinary care.


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