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Whitehill Clinic is located in the stunning Monmouthshire countryside at Whitehill Farm, Wonastow just 2.5 miles from Monmouth.


Lucy uses a range of therapies and techniques that can make a huge difference to clients, reducing pain and facilitating freedom of movement. These therapies include acupressure, Reiki, myofasical release techniques and Quantum Touch. These gentle, relaxing, hands on healing techniques are extremely powerful and effective. A combination of physical and emotional therapies are used depending on each individual.






Spinal and Cranial Realignment


Rather than use any forceful manipulation, Quantum Touch enables the bones to glide back into alignment and realign themselves. With bones in alignment and muscle spasms and fascia released, clients notice a huge improvement in posture, mobility and pain relief. Cranial realignment can resolve headaches and migraines.


Sports Injury Recovery


Lucy’s therapies are excellent for accelerating the healing process. Inflammation will subside and muscle, tendon, ligament and soft tissue injuries will heal quickly enabling the client to recover much faster than otherwise expected. Lucy has helped athletes and musicians heal quickly enabling them to compete and perform successfully.


Boosting Immune System


A strong immune system is the key to preventing illnesses. Lucy’s therapies can recharge the immune system having a positive effect on reducing symptoms of long standing conditions.


Post Surgery Recovery


Lucy’s therapies can assist and accelerate recovery enabling the patient to go back to their normal lives much quicker than anticipated and expected. Lucy has worked with clients recovering from operations such as hip replacements and hysterectomies with great effect.




Emotional Stress Release


Physical symptoms are often linked to emotional issues. One of the biggest causes of illness today is stress and stress has been scientifically proven to depress and even shut down the immune system. Even one traumatic event in a person’s life can cause tremendous stress on the body. Reiki and Quantum Touch are very effective ways of releasing stress and emotion from traumatic events without the client being required to talk about these events. Therefore Lucy’s therapies can help you if you have suffered a bereavement, accident, relationship breakdown, traumatic event, depression or experience stress in the workplace.


We all have trapped emotions which are negative emotional energies that we still carry around from past events, traumas or from the stress of our everyday lives. The release of these trapped emotions can have a profound effect on our lives and clear physical as well as emotional pain.


Clearing your energy field


Lucy can clear your energy field/aura to restore harmony and balance. We often pick up negative energies through our stressful daily lives and from other people. Clearing your energy field can improve energy levels, sleep patterns, reduce stress and relieve negative thought patterns and behaviour.


Clearing Subconcious Blocks


Lucy uses simple healing techniques to clear any sub-conscious blocks or limiting beliefs that you may be holding to enable you to fulfil your full potential. We all hold limiting beliefs that can affect our health, relationships, careers and finances which can have a negative impact on our lives. By changing these belief patterns we are able to create the life that we want and dream of. A consultation involves a discussion as to how you wish to improve your life. Lucy then uses muscle testing to identify the root belief patterns which can then be changed using a simple healing technique.





General Information



Treatments last approximately 1 hour and are priced at £50.


Clients usually see a dramatic difference between 1 and 3 sessions.


Each person is different and sometimes the healing requires just one session and sometimes the healing process can take longer. Clients remain fully clothed and are advised to wear comfortable loose fitting clothing to enable freedom of movement.


Appointments are available on Wednesdays and Fridays.  Remote healing is available for anyone who is unable to visit Lucy in person. Distance healing sessions are just as effective as sessions in person.


Please telephone or email Lucy to book an appointment


Tel: 07940546029




The Clinic at Whitehill Farm

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